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Andy Black Associates digital transformation services. As we all watch digital disruption engulfing large organisations, it is clear that new platforms, tools, training and engagement strategies could help government departments and SME’s step up and take advantage of the new digital economy.

Andy Black Associates digital transformation services provide an affordable way for UK government and SME’s to achieve digital transformation. It enables agile and innovative organisations to open up new markets and grow. It also provides the key to improving customer engagement and increasing productivity by competing at a higher level – and displacing larger, but slower, rivals.

Over the last 3 years, the team at Andy Black Associates digital transformation services has grown to include experts in business communication, training, content, intelligence, cybersecurity, and video. We operate as a virtual company and communicate using collaborative technology.

Andy Black Associates digital transformation services offer the following services for the sales, marketing, and PR and communications teams of UK government & UK SME’s:

  • A low-cost and powerful Digital Transformation Platform to improve customer engagement.
  • Customised WordPress websites including e-commerce, SEO and hosting.
  • Practical training courses focused on rapid upskilling and improving productivity.
  • Content design services – audio, videos, memes, images, SEO, campaigns, infographics, and writing.
  • Consultancy services – cybersecurity, research, mentoring and crowdfunding.
  • In 2019 we will be launching online video e-learning digital skills courses.
  • Our services can be supplied individually, as modules or as entire packages.

Andy Black Associates Digital Transformation

We can help you open an online shop and generate new business by using e-commerce and digital marketing to promote your goods

We can train your staff in practical digital skills – increasing productivity and improving customer engagement

Digital is reshaping traditional industry

Digital technology is reshaping traditional industry, especially those sectors that rely on direct engagement with consumers (for example, marketing, PR and design) and technological innovation (for example. science and high tech). Education, however, is the sector with the lowest proportion of digital businesses.

Percentage of companies in each sector that are now primarily using digital technology

Andy Black Associates

Source: Tech Nation report – Tech City UK, Nesta

In today’s economy, the tech sector is driving innovation and boosting productivity across all industries. In tomorrow’s economy, every sector will be a tech sector. The “industries of the future” will be tech-enabled and tech-driven – digital transformation is the future.

Digital transformation is not just about adopting technology — it’s about creating a culture of innovation, where exponential outcomes are not just possible but demanded. Businesses that are slow to implement a digital transformation strategy will become increasingly excluded from a connected and growing global market and will also face pressures from fast, agile competitors – both local and global.

Andy Black Associates provide practical digital skills training courses that will increase both the confidence and the productivity of your employees. In addition, we can help you create an online shop and our consultancy services can help you create a low-risk, low-cost and powerful e-commerce website and digital transformation platform that will enable you to engage better with customers, open new markets and generate more business.

Five questions every business must answer

What does digital transformation actually mean? How will your company cope with digital transformation? What happens to the employees who can’t or won’t go digital? Are your managers and departmental heads doing what digital leaders have to do? Are you personally ready, willing and able to go digital yourself?

1. What does digital transformation actually mean?

Digital transformation can mean many things, from implementing new technology, to developing new products or creating new opportunities, to ways of working and thinking. Have you identified what digital transformation’s most important meanings are for you and your business? The impact of that on your business strategy? Do you have the business intelligence and awareness of what is happening to see the possibilities of what digital can mean to you? How are you making decisions about which ones matter most and what actions you will take as a result?

2. How will your business cope with digital transformation?

While you are starting to ask these questions, is your business preparing for what happens when you start to answer them? It most likely isn’t. Your business has probably built structures, systems, processes and operating models to run and grow based on what you do today, and not tomorrow.

To prepare for digital transformation, you need to ask whether your HR and Operations have an active plan for automating low-value work. Do you have an HR, Sales and Marketing department that is finding, reskilling and preparing the right people for a digital business of tomorrow?

3. What happens to the people who can’t or won’t go digital?

In this transformation, non-converts will slow you down and keep you from changing in a fast, agile and collaborative way. You need to be able to assess the talent you have and determine what you will need. Then you must make the changes that take you to a company that innovates at all levels. This means changes in what people are doing, the need for digital skills training, and it means changes in people.

4. Are your managers and team leaders doing what digital leaders have to do?

Are they ready as individuals?, Are they ready as a team?, Do they believe in your digital future? Will your managers and team leaders embrace the potentially radical shift in what your company is and does?

5. Are you personally ready, willing and able to go digital yourself?

No-one knows better than you what the current reality is, where the pressures come from in your industry, and what competing forces impact your decisions daily. However, leading this transformation will be the hardest thing you’ve done in your career as you must embody the digital transformation of your company through your own digital transformation.

Are you ready for the digital economy?