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We’re open, friendly – and collaborative

How we work Andy Black Associates. You won’t be surprised that we’re a virtual company. We believe this enables us to offer you the very best specialists in their fields – including experts in business communications, training, web, content marketing, digital marketing, intelligence, cyber security and video.

We work collaboratively and are all advocates of open source software, open data, open source intelligence (OSINT) and other open philosophies. And we make sure we adhere to the main principles of the software industry’s Agile Manifesto, which means excellent, well-designed solutions delivered in weeks rather than months.

Meet the team at Andy Black Associates

Our main services for sales, marketing, PR and communications teams include:

Digital is reshaping traditional industry

Digital technology is reshaping the traditional industry, especially those sectors that rely on direct engagement with consumers (for example, marketing, PR and design) and technological innovation (for example. science and high tech). Education, however, is the sector with the lowest proportion of digital businesses.

Percentage of companies in each sector that are now primarily using digital technology to operate

How We Work Andy Black Associates

How we work Andy Black Associates. So how does it all work? All services can be supplied individually, as modules, or as entire packages. Our primary services, the WordPress website and the Digital Transformation Platform with full team training and adoption, are delivered in four weeks.

Following your inquiry, we will arrange to meet you either face-to-face or online via WebEx. You’ll get the most value from this if you’ve already audited the costs of your current website, direct mail, printing, postage, brochures, media, and PR agencies, software licenses and mobile phones. We don’t expect you to tell us everything – but having this information to hand yourself will help you assess the potential of our service.

At this initial meeting we will listen, discuss and understand:

  • Your strategy – What do you want to do? What’s driving your strategy? Where does digital fit?
  • Your team – What teams are involved? What digital skills and talent do they have? What digital skills will they need?
  • Your digital channels – What social media channels do you use – and how?  What analytics do you use?
  • Your content – What content do you have? How do you use SEO? How do you create content?
  • Your process – How do your teams currently operate? How do you generate new business?
  • Your tech infrastructure -What software, operating systems, and phone networks, PCs and devices do you use?
  • Your timescales – What are they? Is your strategy urgent?
  • Your budget – Clarification is important. How can we maximise return on your investment?

We operate as a virtual company and once a project is agreed our network of expert associates will assess your requirements.

Before we start detailed work on a proposal, we will require a fee of £1,000. This fee is discounted against any subsequent order.

How We Work Andy Black Associates