What we do

What we do Andy Black Associates. Our mission is to help UK govt and SME’s succeed in the digital economy.

Why? Because digital is spelling disruption for many large companies but offers big potential for small businesses that can be more flexible, agile and innovative. And we’re determined to make sure you take advantage.

The combination of social networks, cloud computing, mobile devices, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and open source collaborative technology is having a huge impact.

Consumer behaviour is changing. We all now expect a very different type of customer experience. Companies are being forced to change business models and how they engage.

Business processes are being re-invented, organisational structures are being turned upside down and traditional marketing and sales strategies are becoming ineffective. Many expensive corporate websites no longer function on mobile devices. Yet, more and more people use mobile devices to access the Internet and buy goods and services using e-commerce.

What We Do Andy Black Associates

For UK small businesses, it presents a golden opportunity.

With the right knowledge, of course. Affordable and easy-to-use cloud applications and open source technology have created a level playing field.

UK small businesses can now easily create and self-manage fully-responsive websites with e-commerce capabilities and use an SEO focused content marketing strategy to drive search traffic to fully optimsed website landing pages.  Additionally, an SME can use social media channels and tools to listen, monitor and engage with customers, prospects, and partners.

Monitoring customers, keyword search analysis and market trends also provide real-time intelligence to support marketing. communications and product development strategies.

In addition, customer service operations can be enhanced by adopting artificial intelligence applications to answer “frequently asked questions”.

We enjoy rolling up our sleeves to help you exploit these opportunities:

What we do Andy Black Associates:

  • Help you build and self-manage a fully responsive customised WordPress website that includes plugins for extra capabilities such as e-commerce, SEO and CRM.
  • Help you build and self-manage a low cost and powerful Digital Transformation Platform for every employee. This integrates WordPress, WordPress plugins, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter lists, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Hootsuite apps, Chrome browser, Chrome extensions, and apps.
  • Provide practical training courses focused on rapid upskilling in areas such as cybersecurity, communications campaigns, media training, content creation, SEO, digital marketing, open source intelligence and social selling.
  • Offer content design services such as videos, photos, images, infographics, and writing.
  • Deliver consultancy services such as cybersecurity, research into competitors, markets and partners.

The benefits for UK small businesses

What we do Andy Black Associates. Our approach provides a powerful and low-cost way for a UK small business to achieve digital transformation. It enables an agile and innovative small business to open new markets and also compete against larger and slower incumbents.

Our services deliver simple and powerful digital transformation.

We enjoy working with UK small business; your success is our success.

What We Do Andy Black Associates