Digital Transformation

Digital transformation?

Let’s assess the competition:

digital transformation

Digital transformation? Oh dear!

…and don’t even mention AI

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can be a difficult process

Digital Transformation

They know the destination, but can’t map the journey

Digital Transformation

For UK small business, digital disruption is a huge opportunity

UK internet users

British consumers use the Internet

devices used to access internet

At home and at work they use PC’s, mobile devices and tablets

Digital Transformation

 And are spending more time each week online

Digital Transformation

 And use search and social networks to get information

digital transformation

 And are spending more money via ecommerce

UK consumers actively use search, social media, mobile devices and ecommerce.

How can a UK small business take advantage of this opportunity?

Not by cold-calling, leaving messages, sending spam emails, sending junk mail or door stopping people online – that diminishes your employees, your brand and ultimately your business – Consumer behavior is changing, your customers and prospects now expect a better experience.

It’s about changing business models and how you engage.

It’s about listening, not shouting.

We can:

  • Help devise clear common sense Social Media Guidelines so employees feel empowered and not restricted.
  • Train employees on how to use different social channels and also how to enhance their personal profiles.
  • Train employees how to listen, monitor and engage with customers, prospects and partners.
  • Train employees on how to find, curate and share interesting and relevant content.
  • Train sales and marketing teams in best practice “social selling“, SEO and keyword search methodologies.
  • Help you build and self-manage a fully responsive customised WordPress website that includes plugins for extra capabilities such as e-commerce and SEO.
  • Help you build and self-manage a low cost and powerful “Digital Transformation Platform”, for every team member or group, that integrates WordPress, WordPress plugins, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter lists, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Hootsuite apps, Chrome browser, Chrome extensions, and apps.
  • Provide practical training courses focused on rapid upskilling in areas such as SEO, cybersecurity, communications campaigns, media training, content creation, digital marketing, open source intelligence and social selling.
  • Offer content design services such as videos, photos, images, infographics, and writing.
  • Offer consultancy services for cybersecurity, SEO, digital marketing, research, mentoring and crowdfunding.

Our services deliver simple and powerful digital transformation.

social engagement of employees

Our services will help you transition into a successful digital business.

It sets the scene for the adoption of AI, machine learning, and chatbots.

new jobs in the future

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