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Consultancy Services – Cybersecurity

60% of small UK businesses have experienced a cyber breach, typically costing them around  £65,000.  You need to take advantage of the digital economy to remain competitive, but you must also take sensible steps to protect your information, money and the smooth running of your business.

Arno Reuser and Theo Henderson, two of our associates, are practitioners of cybersecurity. Theo Henderson is a US-certified Social Media Security Professional (SMSP) and specialises in social media, smartphone, and mobile-based threats for mobile and remote employees. Arno Reuser designed and managed the Dutch Open Source Intelligence Branch of Dutch Military Intelligence for 15 years and is a special advisor to the Dutch government on cybersecurity issues.

Arno and Theo offer consultancy, training, and advice on all cybersecurity issues.

“Your best first line of defence in the fight against cybercrime is a trained “cyber savvy” employee”
Theodore Henderson

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services – Research

Data volumes are exploding. Every day organisations and individuals are creating, sharing and accessing data. Globally, more people are connected via smartphones and social networks than ever before. More and more information is openly available. In this big data world, how can you find the facts you need? Reliable and validated intelligence is crucial.

You may need to know, for example:

  • Have your competitors filed new patents using an overseas subsidiary?

  • Is a potential supplier in Mexico a reliable partner for your business?

  • What are the trends and issues affecting your market?

Consultancy ServicesMost people use Google for their research and only look at the first page of results. These are skewed by factors including SEO, astroturfing and the “right to be forgotten”. Besides, Google only indexes 4% of the web, so will produce only limited results.

By 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices globally and 44 trillion gigabytes of data. Machine learning on its own can’t address this challenge; you need to empower human intelligence. This has led to an increasing interest in both the discipline and the art of open source intelligence collection.

We are proud to have Arno Reuser as an associate. Arno is renowned as an international authority on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT); and unique in being both a librarian and information scientist. He designed and managed the Dutch Open Source Intelligence Branch of Dutch Military Intelligence for 15 years and is a special advisor to the Dutch government on cyber issues. Arno supplies research, cybersecurity and consultancy services.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services – Mentoring

As digital disruption accelerates, many large businesses will find it difficult to adapt. This could cause a considerable shake-up in the UK economy. Yet, with change come opportunities, especially for UK start-ups and small businesses who are ready to take market share from these older corporates.

We are proud to have Theodore Henderson as an associate. Theodore is a leading US business mentor, best-selling author, social media expert, and cybersecurity consultant. He is also active with New York’s Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Development Centres, and US Commerce Department activities. He specialises in helping start-up businesses and mentoring.

Theodore offers mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs via video-conference from New York.

Consultancy Services


With many traditional UK banking institutions still reluctant to lend to small businesses, we offer consultancy services to assist you with crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding enables businesses to raise financial investment from a large number of investors via the internet. In 2013, the crowdfunding industry grew to be worth over $5.1 billion worldwide and had over 450 crowdfunding platforms.

This abundance makes it difficult for a UK small business to understand where to turn, particularly as there are significant differences in the services provided. Our consultants can get to the bottom or what you need and help you decide which platform is the best for your business or service launch.

Consultancy Services