Content design

How much have you spent on direct mail, brochures, printing and other carefully-crafted documents recently? What’s been your return on this investment?

Traditional marketing methods are losing their touch. Digital audiences have short attention spans, love visual content, are bombarded by information noise, are angered by fake news and prefer authentic voices. They are, however, advocates for engaging and provoking “idea starters” and memes that are shared and spark discussion.

Enter content design

Good content design attracts and helps retain customers. It involves consistently creating and curating relevant and useful content. It’s an ongoing process that starts by listening to your market, undertaking keyword and trend analysis, identifying the thought-leaders, bringing together the best information and then sharing it across your social networks. This way you become the trusted news aggregator and thought-leader for your community – and it’s not cost you a penny in direct mail, brochures, advertising or printing.

This technique is a key component of the Digital Transformation Platform

By listening to customers and understanding the trends, keywords and concepts they are interested in you develop valuable market intelligence which can be used create “idea starters” and memes that your community will want to share. With our help you can also use Open Source Intelligence techniques to ensure this content contains the best and most reliable information – this is crucially important in an age of fake news, astroturfing and bots. This will increase your followers, drive traffic to your website and, by using the social media management tool Hootsuite, you can monitor and engage with these new prospects.

Content design is the art of influencing your customers and prospects without selling. Good content design makes a person stop, look and think. Great content design can make a person change opinion.

Good content design is not about “PR spin”, it is about authenticity, it involves listening to assist situational awareness, curating and sharing interesting content from relevant thought-leaders, undertaking keyword and trend analysis about your target group and then using the intelligence gained from this process, and from Open Source Intelligence research, to create unique and compelling “idea starter” and meme content.

Examples of “idea starter” or meme content include using an image or infographic with a hashtag; this is the most shared type of content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Anyone can create an infographic or meme, but the trick here is to use the intelligence gained from listening to identify key issues and trends and also analysing web search queries affecting your target community to create an infographic or meme that addresses these issues. The infographic or meme should be visual, simple and tell a story.

Click on this link and read a report on how memes have been used in influence campaigns.

Content design
Content design

Other examples of “idea starter” content include short videos, audio interviews, live video streams, webinars, articles, and blogs. The key element is that you use the intelligence gained from listening, keyword search analysis and from OSINT research, to identify the key issues affecting your community, this knowledge enables you to create content that is compelling, relevant and influential.

For example, a QR code that links to custom audio or video content could have been added to the “Bring back our girls” meme.

Content design

We can help you with content design and content creation. Our associates include experts in:

  • Storytelling
  • Messaging and Memes
  • Writing
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Photography, images, memes and infographics
  • SEO
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) research
  • Custom website design and creation

Communication campaigns

We can either train your teams in these techniques or provide services to devise a communications plan and create the content for you. Andy Black Associates is also a partner of Express KCS this enables us to offer very high quality, cost-effective and fast turnarounds on additional services such as interactive infographics.

By combining a content design strategy, the capabilities of the Digital Transformation Platform and employee training your business will be more than ready to take advantage of the Digital Economy.