Video eLearning

Scheduled for launch in 2019

video elearning andy black associates

In 2019 Andy Black Associates will be launching online video e-learning training courses in:

  • WordPress – How to create and manage a WordPress website
  • Twitter – Personal and Company profiles
  • LinkedIn – Personal and  Company profiles
  • Facebook – Personal and Company profiles
  • Google+ – Personal, Company and Brand profiles
  • Instagram – Brand profile
  • Chatbots – Creating chatbots for your website & Facebook Page
  • Hootsuite – Social media management
  • Google – Analytics, Ads and Search Console
  • SEO – Basic to Advanced
  • Content Design and Marketing – How to create text, image, infographics, video and audio content

The video e-learning courses will be hosted in a secure data center and will be streamed and encoded to work on any PC, tablet or mobile device.  ABA has invested in a dedicated 1&1 IONOS SSD cloud server enhanced by the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). All subscribers will have their own individual login. The video e-learning syllabus will consist of a series of short 5 minute “How to” videos going from the very basics to the advanced. A key benefit of this modular approach is that we can rapidly update the videos as things change.  All subscribers will have access to a helpline.

Video eLearning – The Key Benefits

  • 24/7 Accessibility
    Video eLearning can be made accessible to a workforce 24/7 and on any device. Employees can learn a subject at their own pace at home, in the office or whilst traveling. Also, unlike classroom training, eLearning ensures fast learners can complete their training sooner and slower learners, particularly those with a fear of tech, do not feel intimidated and can learn at their own pace. This is a particular benefit when a company has a mix of millennials and baby boomers in the workforce.
  • Improved productivity
    With video eLearning, it is possible to train staff from all operational regions and save the time used for traveling to classroom-based training. Additionally, access to an expert helpine supporting the video eLearning will give employees confidence and accelerate learning. Both of these factors will improve productivity.
  • Cost-effective
    Organisations incur significant costs through conventional learning systems. Typically, money is spent on trainers, travel, accommodation, refreshments, room hire, documents, and other items. eLearning enables all these costs to be mitigated.

Video eLearning Pricing

  •    1 registered named user  £9.95 per month – Individual – Monthly direct debit
  •    20 registered named users £160 per month – Departmental – 3-month min contract
  •    100 registered named users £600 per month – Enterprise – 6-month min contract

Will the UK workforce use video elearning to learn new digital skills?

Behaviors are changing, in January 2018 over 44% of the UK population watched online video every day.  The ABA video elearning consists of bite-sized content that is easy to understand, practical and visual. The subscription costs can be paid for the company, encouraging an employee to engage in the learning experience. ABA can provide analytics to measure effectiveness.

About Andy Black Associates

Video eLearning – Digital Transformation Case Study

Watch Mark Millmore of Andy Black Associates describe how video elearning has been used to assist the adoption and roll-out of our customised WordPress websites across local government.


Video elearning Andy Black Associates