WordPress websites for small business

WordPress Websites for Small Business

WordPress Websites for Small Business. The role of the website has changed. It’s no longer the key point of contact between a company and its customers.

Social media and mobile devices have altered our behaviour. Consumers – and increasingly businesses buying from other businesses – now expect to engage with a company or a brand on social media or digital channels. Sales, marketing and PR executives are using their personal social media accounts to listen, identify and engage with customers, prospects and partners.

This is known as Social Selling.

Social selling is replacing the traditional strategies of print advertising, cold calling, direct mail, and email marketing.

But you will, ultimately, want to attract prospects to your website, either to buy directly or to find out more. So the content must be easy to read on all types of screen. If it’s difficult customers will move on elsewhere.

Besides, mobile-friendliness will now play a key role in the way websites are ranked, and sites that are not mobile optimised will appear lower down on Google’s search results.  So if a customer hasn’t followed a link in the first place, they’ll never find you using search.

Google’s new Rank Brain algorithm will also penalise the ranking of websites that use “popular” black hat SEO techniques (such as keyword stuffing, fake followers, fake likes, fake reviews, paid backlinks, bot traffic, private blog networks (PBN) & click fraud) to improve their position in search results. In addition to mobile-friendliness and other technical SEO considerations, Rank Brain looks for content context, related entities, domain authority, pages viewed, bounce rate and engagement to rank web pages.

And the content itself?

Fewer words, more pictures, less spin, more authenticity and most importantly, make it simple. Attention spans are short. Create content your target audience needs – use keyword research and trend analysis to determine what your target customers search for. Use SEO to optimise your off-page and on-page website content for Google – including the use of schema markups to take advantage of “rich snippets”. Use digital marketing campaigns that answer customer needs that link to well-designed website landing pages.  Google dominates web search, your website and content need to be optimised for Google.

WordPress Websites for Small Business. We practice what we preach

live SEO score for the Andy Black Associates website – 87/100


SEO score for andyblackassociates.co.uk

LinkedIn Social Selling Index score for Andy Black – 80/100

Wordpress websites for business

1&1 IONOS website checker for the ABA website – 97/100

wordpress websites for small business

Nibbler Pro SEO checker for ABA website – 9/10

wordpress websites for business

By optimising the off-page (technical) SEO and the on-page (content) SEO, your website pages will have a high ranking in Google search results.

WordPress SEO plugins help you optimise your content for Google. You don’t need an expensive SEO or PR agency to do it.  wordpress websites for business

The WordPress SEO plugin Yoast guides you through completing all the key ranking requirements of the Google algorithm and is automatically updated after any algorithmic changes.    wordpress websites for business

The WordPress SEO plugin enables your keyword content to achieve excellent rankings in Google searches – in this example, a key ABA page is the first result on the first page

wordpress websites for business

Consumers tend to only look at and click links in the first page of Google search results – in this example, a key ABA page is the second and third result on the first page

wordpress websites for business

wordpress websites for small business

The first 5 organic search results in any Google search get 65% of the click-throughs


The bottom line is – if you’re not active on social channels and also not prominently displayed in Google search results, you will lose customers, traffic and business.

WordPress Websites

With this shift, do you still need agencies to create content, manage websites, perform SEO, and manage pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns?

With the right training, much of this can now be done in-house. Many innovative companies are repurposing marketing and PR budgets, using them instead for customer engagement, automation, SEO and user experience. It’s not rocket science. Your customers, partners, and competitors are active on social media and digital channels – you should be too. You can enhance engagement with customers, partners, and prospects by combining your WordPress website with our Digital Transformation Platform and adopting a content design strategy.

By combining your WordPress website with our Digital Transformation Platform, you can listen, monitor and engage in conversations with clients, prospects, and partners. You can share web page links from your website that answer questions. You can also share the web page links into Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and use hashtags to extend reach. Low-cost PPC advertising capabilities can also be used to precisely target potential customers.

Low-cost paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be precisely targeted at potential buyers

FACEBOOK ad wordpress

Optimised web page links can be easily shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and the use of hashtags can extend reach
social media intelligence SOCMINT

Innovative companies use WordPress responsive websites

WordPress powers millions of responsive websites around the world. It’s more than just a blogging platform. WordPress.org is an open source software development community and as we’re active members of this community, we know what we’re doing.

WordPress.org allows you to easily self-manage your web pages and have complete control over your own website. The community around it builds applications, themes, and plugins that can be seamlessly integrated – including e-commerce, SEO and CRM.  As more Open Datasets are released, more information-rich apps and plugins will also appear.

The open source development community is far larger than the combined number of software developers at proprietary software vendors. There are, for example, already several WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning. ABA is already using three of them and testing the capabilities of others.

Take the Mobile-Friendly Test


Take the Mobile Friendly Test

We can help you build your website and train you how to self-manage it.

You will be able to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer engagement.

You can concentrate your time and effort on customer engagement and creating compelling content, without worrying about technical issues.

Web pages auto-adjust to iPhones, Androids & iPads.
Text-only browsers love WordPress.
It’s ideal for people with disabilities.

WordPress’s plugin architecture allows advanced functions to be added to your website.

Everything from blogs, forms, online surveys and ecommerce.

WordPress is durable because it updates itself automatically.
So as web technologies evolve, your website evolves at the same time
and you don’t have to build a new website to keep up.

When WordPress is used properly, it can result in wonderful websites.

But the keywords are “used properly.” WordPress is, in many ways, similar to a kit-car or a modular home. All of the pieces are there but require assembly. To ensure you hit the road running, we help you layout your content and pre-install all the tools and plug-ins you need to run your online business effectively. During the build phase, we collaborate with you and your team and train you on how to self-manage all elements of your WordPress website – including SEO and CRM.

Do you want to sell products from your website?

  • We help you set up your merchant account (for example PayPal or Bitcoin) and a shopping cart.
  • We then train you on how to maintain and update your shop.
  • We build your e-commerce website and train you to self-manage it.
  • You will be able to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer engagement.
  • If your WordPress website is combined with our Digital Transformation Platform, this will greatly accelerate your ability to generate new business.
  • Our video eLearning services complete the picture and will empower your business.
  • We also run regular public training courses on how to create professional e-commerce WordPress websites for small business.
  • We have built, and currently host and support over 100 WordPress websites for a range of clients from the private, public and charity sectors. The sites include basic online brochures, e-commerce portals, local government platforms, and medium-sized business websites.

WordPress websites for small business – some examples of our work

Andy Sheppard

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text
  • Social media integration
  • Audio samples
  • Ecommerce
  • Blog
  • Online event bookings
  • Email marketing
  • SEO

Hereford Left Bank

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text, images
  • Social media integration
  • Ecommerce
  • Online event bookings & ticket with bar code
  • Online sales promotion
  • Email marketing
  • Incentive coupons via mobile
  • SEO

Nature In Art

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text, images
  • Social media integration
  • Advanced event calendar with automated functions
  • Light box gallery of the collection
  • Corporate email hosting with antivirus and spam protection
  • SEO
  • Email marketing

Lyde Court

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text, images
  • Social media integration
  • Ecommerce
  • Online event bookings & tickets with bar codes
  • Online calendar of events
  • Email marketing
  • SEO

Pengethley Farm Shop

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text, images
  • Social media integration
  • Ecommerce – inc separate pricing and login for trade buyers
  • Email marketing


  • WordPress website
  • WordPress training
  • Online menus
  • Online table booking via mobile
  • SEO

Philip Kolvin QC

  • WordPress website
  • Content – text, images
  • Content updating
  • SEO

Hampton Bishop Parish Council

  • WordPress websites
  • Training for parish councillors
  • Content – text, pdf, images
  • Email newsletters
  • Online collaboration
  • Social media integration.

WordPress Websites for Small Business