OSINT Toolkit

Remote working is driving the discovery and use of open-source intelligence tools and techniques.

The Open-Source Intelligence OSINT toolkit combines the OSINT framework with a list of suitable tools. The listing of tools is the result of crowdsourcing by OSINT community members on GitHub and data from i-intelligence’s OSINT Tools and Resources 2020 Handbook .

When you first see the OSINT Toolkit, you probably think, blimey! Where do I start? The key is to build a workflow that uses a mix of tools and techniques to achieve a required outcome. Here is a useful guide on creating an OSINT workflow from @tenacioustek, Here is an overview by Maarten Schenk on how he used a range of OSINT tools to uncover a Macedonian fake news network, Here is Bellingcat‘s online investigation toolkit. Here is a fascinating example of OSINT and geolocation tools being used to solve a complex problem. 

Once you start to use OSINT, you will also need to communicate your recommendations in a clear and concise fashion. Here are some excellent tips from Zachery Tyson on how to write like an intelligence analyst and an excellent list of resources from Ygor Maximo.

What are you waiting for? Go on, dive in.

Explore, stay curious, stay safe and have fun.

We hope you enjoy the OSINT Toolkit.

Remote working has highlighted the usefulness of open-source intelligence – FT 17/12/20

How is open-source intelligence disrupting statecraft?

Listen to John Brennan, a former director of the CIA, on how open-source intelligence impacts secret intelligence.

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