What exactly is Open Source Intelligence and what are the benefits?

What exactly is Open Source Intelligence and what are the benefits?

Watch ABA Associate Arno Reuser talk about Open Source Intelligence in this video blog.

Arno is a professional librarian and information scientist with more than 30 years experience in information handling and processing. He was the founder of the Open Source Intelligence Bureau for the Dutch Defense Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) and currently holds the position of Senior Policy Advisor for OSINT and Cyber at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

Arno was responsible for migrating the Dutch military intelligence library from an archival to a discovery capability. It involved efficiently extracting information from incoming streams of raw data and sharing relevant parts of the information with a virtual team of Dutch open source intelligence experts. In addition, the team used Arno’s search methodology to do research and collaboration using open source software, this enabled rapid analysis of incoming information and a fast evolution of it into intelligence. This innovative, low-cost and highly effective methodology inspired many EU, NATO and UN intelligence agencies.

Arno’s expertise is to design and use systems that can translate information requirements into actionable intelligence. Or, in other words, find pinpoint answers to questions, and to design and run training courses about this for govt and private sector clients.

In recognition for his contribution to the Intelligence Community, Arno was awarded the Golden Candle Award by OSS.net in Washington D.C.in 2003 and the Lifetime Award in 2004. He was nominated for Information Professional of the Year in 2010.

In 2018 Arno was appointed as one of the Technical Commissioners of the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

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